Awelco Mega 150 Inverter MMA Welder 130A Made in Italy

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The Mega 150 inverter welding machine is extremely lightweight and produces welding current from 35A to 130A. The new generation of welding inverter has spectacular advantages over conventional welding. Classical welding created arcs during welding which resulted in high electricity demand, uneven gas, electrode adhesions to the metal. Welding Inverter converts AC to DC and this results in low power consumption, smooth arc start, uniform gas without splatter. It offers protection against input voltage fluctuations. the package includes cable, pinch, ground body, mask and sock

Features for AWELCO Mega 150 Welding Inverter

Current: 130A
Voltage: 230V
Power: 5.7 kW
Yield: 30%
Electrode: 1.6-3.25 mm
Weight: 5.80kg