Bosch 2607010903 Wood and Metal Jigsaw Blade Set 30 Piece DIY Professional

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The Bosch Wood/Metal Jigsaw Blade Set 30pc 2607010903 is an ideal set of Jigsaw blades for trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts working on wood and metal. The set is designed to be versatile as it has blades for straight and curved cuts in material ranging from softwood to metal and pipes. These blades are compatible with Jigsaws that have a single lug shank system and are made to be of a high standard providing the user with quality results. This set includes ten curved wood cutting blades that are ideal for basic wood, ten straight wood cutting blades, for basic wood and ten metal cutting blades. These are supplied in a tough, robust, plastic storage box that has anti-slip cushioned corners and four compartments to help keep your blades organised and easy to access.

Features and Benefits:

Contains blades for curved cutting and straight cutting in metal and wood
Supplied in a tough case that has separate compartments for easy selection
High-Quality blades that provide reliable results

Technical Specification:

Compatibility - Jigsaws with a single lug shank system
Kit Quantity - 30pc
Applications - Wood and Metal

Supplied With:

10 x T119BO Curved Wood Cutting Jigsaw Blades
10 x T111C Straight Cutting Wood Jigsaw Blades
10 x T118A Metal Cutting Jigsaw Blades
1 x Robust box