Bosch GAS 35 M AFC Professional Industrial vacuum cleaner 1200W

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The versatile wet/dry suction hood with automatic filter cleaning.
The L-BOXX can be clipped on as a practical transport and storage solution for mobile use.
Continuous suction power for continuous work progress thanks to automatic filter cleaning (AFC).
As a certified safety extractor of dust category "M" according to the EU standard, it covers a large part of dusts for high user protection.

Max. input power: 1,380 W
Rated input power: 1,200 W
Weight: 12.4 kg
Tank volume, mixed: 35 L
Tank volume, clean: 23 L
Net bucket volume, water: 19.2 L
Dust class, wet/dry suction hood: M
Dust category, main filter: M
Power tool connection (max): 2200 W
Tool dimensions (width): 450 mm
Tool dimensions (length): 515 mm
Tool dimensions (height): 575 mm
Filter surface: 6,150 cm²
Max. air supply (turbine): 74 l/sec
Maximum vacuum (turbine): 254 mbar
Package dimensions (width x length x height): 590 x 740 x 400 mm
Voltage, electric: 230 V

Delivery Materials

Joint suction nozzle
Collection bag
Set of floor mats
1 flat pleated PES filter
3 chrome-plated suction tubes 0.35 m, 35 mm O
5 m hose, 35 mm O, antistatic, with power tool adapter

For use with a wall sander tool, the use of a bag is required