Bosch GEX 125-150 AVE Random Orbit Sander In L-Boxx 400W

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Patented decoupled motor housing - <2.5m/s2 vibration level means continuous work within legal limits
Highest surface quality: sanding unit is decoupled from housing for consistent contact pressure
Flexibility for every application range due to the choice of using 150 mm or 125 mm sanding pad diameter
Direct connection of a vacuum cleaner or microfilter dust box for dust -free work in every situation
Translucent Microfilter Dust Box - Best in class average dust collection rate: 81% over 25 min
Ergonomically designed surfaces with softgrip for perfect handling with and without auxiliary handle
Friction brake enables you to put the tool down quickly, which optimises work efficiency
Speed pre selection and 400 -watt motor offer power reserves and optimum adjustment of the speed to suit the sanding application
Soft -grip areas - for increased user comfort

Technical Specifications:

Sanding plate diameter - 150mm
No -load speed - 5.500 - 12.000 rpm
Orbital stroke rate - 11.000 - 24.000 opm
Eccentricity - 2,00mm
Sanding sheet / disc attachment Velcro -type fastening
Rated power input - 400w
Weight - 2.4kg
Oscillating circuit diameter - 4mm
Shipping Weight - 3kg

Comes with:

125 mm 6 hole pad
150 mm 6 hole pad
150 mm 8 hole pad (Festool type)
L -BOXX size 2
Hex Key
125 mm sanding pad
150 mm sanding pad (8 hole)
Microfilter dust box
Auxiliary handle

1 year warranty + 2 years with free registration to the Bosch website