Bosch Forstner Hinge Hole Boring Cutter Wood Drill Bit Set 15,20,25,30,35 mm

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The Forstner Bit delivers excellent lifetime for drilling accurate-fit holes. Its toothed-edge design creates less friction and heat for increased durability. The precision drill bit's short centring tip has two main and one periphery (toothed-edge) cutting edges for spot-on results. Equipped with large chip-free zones, which allow for optimised chip removal, the bit's fast drilling accuracy is further supported. It enables the smooth splinter-free drilling of blind holes as well as edge and slant drilling, e.g. fixing hinges, dowelling and the removal of knotholes. Use when drilling in soft and hard wood, veneered wood and non-laminated chipboard. The Forstner Bit's 3-sided shank prevents spinning in the chuck. It is manufactured to DIN 7483G, cutter hardness is 50 HRC minimum. It is intended for use with all drills (drill drivers, drill stands) with a 10-mm chuck.

5-piece Forstner drill bit set

• Excellent Lifetime for Drilling Accurate-Fit Holes
• Forstner Bit has an excellent lifespan for drilling accurate-fit holes
• The tooth-edge design creates less friction and heat for increased durability
• A short centring tip with two main and one periphery (toothed-edge) cutting edges enable smooth splinter-free drilling
• Large chip-free zones for optimised chip removal and fast drilling accuracy

Diameter 15-20-25-30-35mm
Total length 90mm
Shank diameter 8 & 10mm


Materials in Detail:
Hard/solid wood