Hazet 9032N-1 Adjustable Die Grinder Straight Design Air

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Product information

Lightweight, handy device for grinding, polishing, burnishing and deburring

Straight design

Continuous speed regulation via setting wheel on the upper side of the device

360° exhaust (adjustable)

Air connection inlet: Inside thread (IG) 12.91 mm (1/4?)

Coupler plug: nominal size 7.2 (included)

Hose diameter (recommended): 10 mm

Working pressure (bar): 6.3

Sound power level: 85 db(A) Lp W

Vibration acceleration: 0.40 m/s2

Collet chuck: 6 mm

Power in watts: 224 Watt (0.305 PS)

Cold insulated handle

Total length: 157 mm

Net weight: 0.4 kg

Sound pressure level: 79 dB(A) Lp A

Revolutions per minute: 2000–25000

Air requirement: 74 l/min (1.2 l/sec)