All tools are covered by guarantees under the laws of the European
union official delegation and will vary depending on the manufacturer

Conditions for approval of the warranty:

1. Receipt - Date of purchase

In order the warranty to be approved, it is necessary to present
the original receipt / invoice. On the receipt the full address of the trader should be written, as well as the date of purchase and
type of tool or its serial number.

2. Correct usage of the product in compliance with instructions

All the products were tested and built for
specific use. Failure to follow the instructions or if used
with inappropriate equipment will make the warranty void.

3. Service and cleaning

The tool should be cleaned and maintained regularly. If the tool is
opened by an unauthorized person the warrant is void. Maintenance and cleaning is not included in the warranty.

4. Original accessories

You should use only genuine parts and accessories. Usage non-genuine parts may damage the tool and
increase the chance of an accident for which no liability
can not bear the manufacturer.

5. Consumable parts

Consumable parts are not covered by warranty. Consumables
parts are: coal, bearings, switches, cables and seals. For
more information contact the manufacturers and learn about
the warranty conditions.